Meet Judge Katie Gregory Slone

28th district court judge

division 2

A Letter from Judge Katie

Meet Judge Katie

Dear Friend and Neighbor,

Thank you so much for visiting my website.

As District Court Judge for the 28th Judicial District, I am honored to be serving you on a daily basis. I serve on behalf of all of our communities in both Pulaski and Rockcastle Counties.

I work daily both in and out of our District Courtroom, and I am on call 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. I am proud of our Court and proud of the work by all who play a role in our Judicial System. We are truly blessed, in our communities, to have the professionalism and dedication from individuals and agencies who touch our judicial system.

I can truly say that I love the work that I do as your District Court Judge. People frequently ask me, “There is no way I could do your job. How in the world do you do what you do?”  Consistently, my response, even yesterday, is as it has always been, “I love the work and the people.”  

It is very rewarding when I am approached by someone in our community and learn that I have been a part of saving a life, or changing a life for the better.  Just last week, a beautiful young lady expressed,

"I just want you to know that I would not be standing here alive today if it were not for you."

It is important that we continue to make a difference in people’s lives, whether they are adults or our youth.  While I do not take credit for these success stories, I am humbled that I am an instrument which helps to effectuate positive life changes.  

Before becoming your District Court Judge, I worked for almost 10 years as a lawyer.  In addition to Pulaski and Rockcastle Counties, I practiced law in multiple counties across our Commonwealth as well as before the Federal Courts in the Eastern District and Western District of Kentucky.  I also had the privilege of presenting oral arguments before the Kentucky Supreme Court on two occasions.  

Summer of 2005, I was selected as one of three (3) judicial candidates by the Judicial Nominating Committee for this District.  October 2005, I was appointed District Judge by the Governor of our Commonwealth.     

I cannot express to you how honored I was when I was elected to continue to serve as your District Court Judge in November 2006!   Not a single day has gone by over the past 16 years when I have failed to acknowledge this blessing.  

It is important to me that our Court is fair. Our District Court addresses many cases, obviously involving many people. It is important that these matters are addressed with professionalism and respect, with each person having their day in court, and decided fairly.   

Some of the matters which I address do not involve the courtroom, but are matters which are an inherent part of our judicial system such as search warrants and emergency proceedings.  It is important to me that I continue to be available whenever and wherever needed, no matter the time or place.  

The privilege of the experience I have gained as serving as District Judge for our community is invaluable.  I consistently strive to serve you well, and help to ensure that your court is not only the court you deserve, but a court of which you can be proud.  Experience continues to make me a good Judge for Pulaski and Rockcastle Counties.  

I want to share so much information with you, and I invite you to continue reading through this website. I also invite you to contact me at any time with any questions you may have. After all, I am here for our Commonwealth, I am here for our community, but most importantly, I am here for you, as your District Court Judge.

The term for which I serve as your District Judge, DIVISION II,  will expire this coming year, requiring that I be elected on November 8, 2022.  You previously elected me as Judge Katie Wood, now I am Judge Katie Slone.

I love serving you each and every day, and so look forward to continuing to serve as your Judge. I thank the citizens of Pulaski and Rockcastle counties for being so supportive of me over the years.  This has meant and continues to mean so much to me! I would like to take this opportunity, just as though I were sitting right there with you in person, to humbly ask for your vote in the General Election this Fall,  2022.  I Genuinely Thank You. 

Very truly yours, as always,

District Court Judge, Division II

28th Judicial District

Pulaski and Rockcastle Counties

Your Community, Your Court, Your Judge

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Passionate About Our Judicial System
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An Advocate for Our Youth
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Invested in Our Community
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Judge Katie’s

District Court Responsibilities

Many of those in our community have never had a reason to come to District Court.  (And I completely understand that court may not be on most family’s top 10  list of  places to visit).  

I am often asked, “What kinds of cases do you hear?” 

The vast majority of District Court cases involve Traffic Violations and Criminal Cases.  Essentially, every person who is issued a citation, or arrested on new charges (unless they have been indicted), comes before District Court. 

So, here are the types of cases which I hear in District Court…

Types of cases

District Court Judges Hear

Traffic violations

Misdemeanor actions

Felony actions for bond and probable cause 

Juvenile Public Offender Cases

Small Claims

Civil Actions

Eviction Actions

Probate Actions

Name Changes


Involuntary Admission Actions

Jury trials are held for misdemeanor trials, civil trials, and may be held for guardianships.

24 hours a day

7 Days a Week

In addition to the court cases which are scheduled daily, I review other matters.

Each morning, I review and set bond amounts for those who have been arrested and jailed from the previous day.  Sometimes, I review and set bonds throughout the day.

I review arrest warrants and search warrants requested by law enforcement at any time of day or night.  It is certainly not uncommon for these to occur during the middle of the night. 

I review mental inquest warrants routinely around the clock.  Two or three reviews during nighttime hours are not uncommon. 

Should a juvenile be picked up by law enforcement, this must be reviewed and a decision must be made whether to detain or place the juvenile.  These are also calls which are not uncommon during nighttime hours.  

I am available to address any issue which may arise around the clock.

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